PRESS RELEASE — Shanghai, 4th April 2023


ID Capital China has announced the establishment of the China Agri-Food Biomanufacturing Alliance (AFBA) at the first China Green Biological Manufacturing Summit (CGBMS), held in Guangzhou on March 28th.
AFBA is an industry-led alliance founded to become the most influential biomanufacturing community for the food & agriculture industry in China. AFBA’s mission is to bring leading biotechnology and food & agriculture industry leaders together to foster cross-pollination and catalyze the transformation of the food & agriculture industry by leveraging advanced biomanufacturing technologies.


“Advantages that biomanufacturing brings perfectly match the agrifood sector’s needs for raw materials, production processes and outputs. There are a wide range of applications for these technologies, such as soil and crop protection, animal health and nutrition, biomass upcycling, functional food ingredients, alternative proteins and sustainable packaging. The current applications developed so far are just the tip of the iceberg for the agrifood industry” said Steven Zhang, Managing Director of ID Capital China.


Signalling the growing interest for this emerging sector, 120 professionals from start ups, biotech companies and corporates from the agrifood industry signed up to join the AFBA announcement after morning discussions with government agencies and academia on advancements in synthetic biology at large, across all industries. A core group of 30 biotechnology companies and industry leaders have already expressed interest to join.


With significant expertise in synthetic biology and key technological building blocks enabling biomanufacturing, access to feedstock and to a large pool of talents, China is poised to play a major role as a biomanufacturing country.


By joining AFBA, members have the opportunity to:
• Attend the annual summit and regular roundtable discussions.
• Connect with potential business partners in the biotech and agrifood industry.
• Keep informed about the latest technologies and applications.
• Participate in workshops in focused areas of the agrifood sector.


Founding members expect this list of benefits to grow as the Alliance explores and incorporates other activities.
Find out more and apply for membership by contacting [email protected]


About ID Capital China
ID Capital China is the China-focused, Shanghai-based arm of ID Capital, an investment and advisory company headquartered in Singapore specialized in the domain of AgriFoodTech. Incorporated in 2021, it is run by Steven Zhang, a veteran of the food & agriculture industry. He has held management positions at leading multinational companies Cargill and OSI Group for more than ten years and has seven years of successful entrepreneurial experience in the field of agricultural technology.