About Future Food Asia 2017

Future Food Asia Award 2017 welcomed 200+ delegates from across the region, focused on understanding how technology can transform the future of food.

Check out the event photographs and video below to get a sneak peak into the conference.

Future Food Asia 2017 Winner

String Bio

String Bio applies a biological conversion process to convert methane gas to single cell protein used for animal feed. String’s technology leverages advances in synthetic biology, fermentation, chemistry and process engineering to produce a reliable and cost-effective protein.

Future Food Asia 2017 Start-up Finalist Cohort

Bethesda Scientific

Bethesda Scientific has built a solution to protect rice seedlings from pests with minimal impact of the surrounding ecology. Their unique encapsulation technology allows for controlled release of the active agent over a prolonged period of time.


Biolight manufactures veterinary medical devices that use visible light to increase productivity and immunity of livestock. The solution aims to maximize yield with minimal feed cost, feed additives and antibiotic injections.


DouxMatok is a food-tech company providing targeted delivery of flavor ingredients, such as sugar and salt, enabling use of 20%-50% less of these ingredients, while retaining taste and sensory profiles with no aftertastes.


Eruvaka is an aquaculture IoT company. They have developed connected devices and mobile-based decision tools for affordable monitoring and automation of aquaculture farms. This significantly reduces cultivation risk and increases feed efficiency.


FarmFriend is the Uber of agricultural drone services. They have built a scheduling system to match farmers needing spraying services with drone pilots. In the long run, based on geographical and customer data collected, they aspire to become the leading platform that offers customized and specialized farming services.

Startup SG Grant Finalist Winners


Agrint has built a solution aimed against any tree borers and especially the Red Palm Weevil – the most harmful and undetectable pest to Palm and Coconut trees worldwide. Agrint has developed a low-cost and low-energy unique sensor, which can be installed on any tree and transmit real-time early detection notifications.

Hands Life Science

Hands Life Science is an innovative startup in the domain of DHA production. Their technology produces DHA in a novel chemical structure that is significantly more absorbable and oxidation-stable. Production utilizes a proprietary micro-organism.


SAHC provides e-traceability capabilities for pig farmers. Their technology optimizes productivity yield of pigs through predictive analytics, and caters to a rapidly growing market – the market size of pork in China is more than twice that of its mobile phone market.

Sophie’s Kitchen

Sophie’s Kitchen is a food tech startup using innovative ingredients and patent pending technology to make plant-based seafood alternatives. All their products are gluten free, Soy Free, Non-GMO Project verified, and Kosher. The products are currently available in 2,000 stores globally.

Future Food Asia 2017  Speakers & Jury Panel 


Jason Clay

Senior Vice President for Markets and Food

World Wildlife Fund

Ian Pinner

President, Southeast Asia, ANZ and Global Destination Marketing

Archer Daniels Midland Company

Gérard Jacquin

Director of Partnerships, Transfer and Innovation


Dr. Ralph Graichen

Director, Food and Nutrition, Biomedical Research Council

A*STAR Singapore

Victoria de la Huerga

Vice President, ADM Ventures

Archer Daniels Midland Company

Isabelle Decitre

Founder & CEO

ID Capital Pte.

Future Food Asia 2017  Agenda

Future Food Asia 2017 Event  Video and Pictures