DAY 1 –Monday, June 3 | Matrix Auditorium @ Biopolis
1:00 – 2:00 pmRegistration & Networking 
2:00 – 2:05 pmIntroduction to Future Food Asia 2019
2:05 – 2:15 pmThe Journey of AgriFoodTech in APAC
 Isabelle Decitre, Founder & CEO – ID Capital
2:15 – 3:00 pmPanel Discussion: Of Buds & Bytes: Is AI the future of food?
 Is Deep Tech the future of food?
 With the AgriFood industry often considered among the least innovative, can industry stakeholders leverage AI (as an example of deep tech) to tackle perpetual problems and catch up?
 How can the AgriFood industry leverage AI to help increase trust and predictability from farm to fork?
 Cost effective and scalable models are a pre-requisite for new technologies in the food industry, does AI make the cut?
 AI needs data.  Collection of data comes with a cost.  How much of that cost can be pushed on to the consumer?
 A 1st question for all will allow each panelist to introduce himself / herself: what has changed in the Food industry and how has Deep Tech affected your business?
 Nathan Anderson, Co-founder and CEO – ScanTrust
 Michael Dean, Founding Partner – AgFunder
 Kwan Chungmin, Partner – Yusarn Audrey
 Dr. Ian Roberts, Chief Technology Officer – Bühler
 Takashi Koyama, Partner – Open Meals
 Dr. Derek Wang, General Manager  – Alibaba Cloud Singapore
 Moderator: Thomas Hayes, Analyst – Lux Research
3:00 – 3:20 pmKey Note Address: Guest of Honor
 Ambassador ONG Keng Yong, Ambassador-at-Large at the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3:20 – 3:35 pmBühler Group’s perspective on innovation and disruption in AgriFood
 Dr. Ian Roberts, Chief Technology Officer – Bühler
3:35 – 3:40 pmIntro AgriFood AI Challenge : Alibaba Cloud x Bühler
3:40 – 4:15 pmPresentation by the Winners of the AI Challenge
4:15 – 4:45 pmNetworking Coffee Break
4:45 – 5:00 pmKey Note Address: Guest of Honor
 Dr. Erich ERBER, Founder & President – ERBER AG
5:00 – 5:45 pmPanel Discussion: Soilless crops, not soulless food
 The challenge of domestic food production is obvious in land-constrained Singapore, but it is no less critical in other Asian countries where urbanization is eating up the productive land, pushing food production further and further away.
 Urban agriculture and its high-tech variants have attracted much government support and VC funding over the last years. So have alternative proteins, whether insects, plant proteins emulating (or not) animal proteins or lab-grown meat.
 With a few years of hindsight on this trend fueling the VC space, how can we tell which new propositions make good business sense? Are consumers ready to accept them?
 Erich Erber, Founder & President – ERBER AG
 Ralph Graichen, Director, Food and Consumer – A*STAR Singapore
 Nicola Kerslake, Founder – Contain Inc
 Nitza Kardish, CEO – Trendlines Agrifood Pte. Ltd., Vice Chair – Agrifood Innovation Centre Pte. Ltd.
 Shen Ming Lee, Author and Fund Fellow – FoodFutureCo, Founder – Fresco Foods
 Moderator: Stefanie Beitien, Director of Partnerships – Eco-Business
5:45 – 6:00 pmAward Distribution of Alibaba x Bühler Challenge Winners
6:00 – 6:15 pmClosing Remarks
6:30 – 9:30 pmNetworking Cocktail Event at Bodacious Bar & Bistro
DAY 2 –Tuesday,  June 4 | Matrix Auditorium @ Biopolis
8:00 – 8:50 amRegistration & Networking
8:50 – 9:00 amIntroduction to Day 2 of Future Food Asia 2019
9:00 – 9:20 amKey Note Address 
 Pam Marrone, CEO and Founder – Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc
9:20 – 10:10 amStartups Take The Stage : Future Food Asia Finalists
 AgNet (China) – Steven Zhang
 Biotelliga (New Zealand) – Damien Fleetwood
 Inong Agriculture (Taiwan) – Lai Cheng Yu
10:10 – 10:55 amPanel Discussion: If you ate today, thank a smallholder farmer: The challenge of innovating for small holder farmers
 Incremental food production requirement is forecast to mainly come from small holders. How can innovators adjust their business models to make novel solutions relevant to smallholder farmers?
 Digital connectivity in Asia Pacific has said to have reached 50%, has the surge in ICT benefited the smallholder?
 Could digitization help smallholders with increasing production, market linkages and inclusive financing?
 Jeffrey Khoo, Head, Food and Agribusiness Sales, Asia – Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
 Hemendra Mathur, Co-founder – ThinkAg
 Uma Surana, Senior Natural Resources and Agriculture Specialist (Agribusiness) – Sustainable Development and Climate Change- Asian Development Bank
 Keejoon Shin, Founder & CEO – E Green Global Co., Ltd
 Peter Huang – President of Greater China – Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDupont
 Moderator: Ahmed Javed, Senior Market Engagement Manager – mAgri GSMA
10:55 – 11:25 amNetworking Coffee Break
11:25 – 12:15 pmStartups Take The Stage : Future Food Asia Finalists
 Jai Kisan (India) – Adriel Maniego
 MPT AgTech (Australia) – David Finlay
 Rapid Aim (Australia) – Nancy Schellhorn
12:15 – 1:00 pmPanel Discussion: There is CORN in UNICORN: Can agrifoodtech attract deeptech and domain-agnostic VCs?
 Sometimes considered impact investing and sometimes the next big thing, how do investors perceive AgriFoodTech start-ups?
 What additional caveat emptor conditions do investors need to know before investing in AgriFoodTech start-ups?
 How can AgriFoodTech start-ups in Asia Pacific better position themselves to raise capital from various different types of investors?
 Pam Marrone, CEO and Founder – Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.
 Victoria de la Huerga, Vice President, Investor Relations and ADM Ventures – Archer Daniels Midland Company
 Hemendra Mathur, Co-founder – ThinkAg
 Justin Gong, Co-Founder & Vice President – XAG
 Hian Goh, Founder and Partner – Openspace Ventures Pte Ltd
 Moderator: Ann Koh, Reporter – Bloomberg News
1:00 – 2:15 pmLunch Break
2:15 – 3:20 pmStartups Take The Stage : Future Food Asia Finalists
 SaliCrop (Israel) – Dotan Borenstein
 SatSure (India) – Prateep Basu
 THE.WAVE.TALK (South Korea) – Vladimir Mun
 uLikeKorea (South Korea) – Steve Sae Kim
3:20 – 4:05 pmPanel Discussion: 5.5 Billion by 2050: What is Asia’s Role


 This conversation takes place in the context of a changing balance of power. Niall Ferguson, one of the world’s most influential and controversial historians, wrote in 2011 “The West and the Rest”, considering Western civilization’s rise to global dominance as the single most important historical phenomenon of the past five centuries. Parag Khanna, specialist of international relations, publishes in 2019 “Is the Future Asian?”
 With the backdrop of growing intra-Asian trade, accelerated by the Belt and Road Initiative, with 5.5 bn people living in the region by 2050, the significance of Asia in the Future of Food cannot be ignored. Will we soon talk about “The East and the Rest”?
 Lisa Sweet, Head, Business Strategy, Centre for Global Public Goods – World Economic Forum
 Pablo Erat, Co-Founding Partner – Pioneering Ventures
 Peter Kennedy, Managing Director of Clean Resources Asia Growth Fund – CLSA Capital Partners (Singapore) Pte Ltd
 Stephan Titze, President – Incitec Pivot Fertilizers
 Surachet Tanwongsval, Vice-President and General Manager, Institutional, Asia Pacific – Ecolab
 Moderator: Gary Scattergood, Regional Head- APAC – William Reed / FoodNavigator-Asia
4:05 – 4:30 pmNetworking Coffee Break
4:30 – 5:00 pmStartups Take The Stage : StartupSG Winners
 Intello Labs (India) – Tanmay Bhargava
 Phyto Corporation (South Korea) – Deuk-Hoi (Duke) Kim
 Shiok Meats (Singapore) – Sandhya Sriram
 VakSea (USA) – Mihir Pershad
5:00 – 5:10 pmKey Note Address & Distribution of StartupSG Prizes
 Ted Tan, Deputy CEO – Enterprise Singapore
5:10 – 5:20 pmAnnouncing & Distribution of the ADB Ventures Grant Winners
5:20 – 5:35 pmAnnouncing & Distribution of the Future Food Asia 2019 Winner
 Future Food Asia Jury Panel
5:35 – 5:45 pmClosing Remarks
5:45 – 6:30 pmNetworking & Media Interviews