FFA2020 Day 3 Highlights: Winner Winner (Plant-based) Chicken Dinner
Thank you for joining us for day 3 of Future Food Asia. Our highlight of the day was plant-based innovation:
  • In the afternoon we had our exclusive plant protein masterclass hosted by Bühler and Givaudan.
    • “We see a huge opportunity to move away from traditional meat sources and create delicious and fantastic alternatives…and here we see Singapore as a hotbed to enable us to drive this.” – Dr. Ian Roberts, Bühler
  • Thai Wah hosted their physical satellite venue in Bangkok, hosting a panel discussion on the future of FoodTech in Thailand, a presentation by Let’s Plant Meat, and a live chef session introducing plant-based meat as an ingredient.
Innovation Corner
We heard three more pitches by our FFA finalists:
  • AgriSea (United States): ocean agriculture company developing salt-tolerant crops to be grown in salt soils or coastal ocean waters
  • Flurosat (Australia): full crop cycle analytics provider for tracking, monitoring and managing crops
  • Fyto Foods (Singapore): developer of plant-based meat resembling uncut real meats when sliced or diced, with the look, taste and nutrition of real meat
And from our two winners of the Plant Protein Award:
  • DAIZ (Japan): developer and manufacturer of Miracle Meat, a plant-based ingredient derived from germinated soybeans
  • Let’s Plant Meat (Thailand): plant-based meat startup focused on research, manufacturing & building awareness of environmentally friendly meat alternatives.
Stay Tuned For….
…a series of discussions on the goal of nurturing the AgriFoodTech ecosystem, taken on by investors and entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds.
  • A dialogue on what it means to run a purpose-driven business
  • Two investors’ panel discussions: one from the perspectives of China and India, and one on what it takes to become an AgriFoodTech investor.
  • A panel discussion on hemp and cannabis opportunities in Asia – another new addition to our diverse agrifood ecosystem in the region.
  • An exclusive launch of Rooted, the new global urban farming platform.