21st September 2020
FFA2020 Day 1 Highlights: High Steaks in AgriFoodTech
Thank you for joining us for Day 1 of Future Food Asia. If you missed any of the panels or start-up pitches they are now available for replay on our platform. Here are the highlights of Day 1:
  • Our first day began with a bang – with a candid fireside chat between two friends Sunny Verghese and Ashok Vasudevan on entrepreneurship in the agrifood industry
    • “The food industry has to stop creating customers for the healthcare industry” – Ashok Vasudevan
  • Followed by an exciting panel discussion on nutrition in the plant based innovation featuring Dr. Ralph Graichen, Dr. Yukihiro Maru, Albert Tseng and Sonalie Figueiras
    • “In Japan, Kamaboko (cured surimi) companies mimick crab meat, which is very expensive. And the nutritional content is very good. If plant-based meat can mimick Kobe beef, they will have a very good market opportunity.” – Dr. Yukihiro Maru
  • And we ended the day with an exclusive discussion on Chinese consumer acceptance of cultured meat with Chloe Dempsey and Lisa Sweet.
    • “A history of eating meat analogues makes it tougher for brands in China trying to sell plant based meat 2.0” – Chloe Dempsey
Innovation Corner
Today we’ve heard from three of our FFA finalists – AgNext, Crowde and Marine Innovation.
  • AgNext (India): Provider of technology platform (“Qualix”) for rapid commodity assessment solutions along the commodity value chain
  • Crowde (Indonesia): Agriculture-focused fintech startup empowering farmers with technology and capital
  • Marine Innovation (South Korea): producer of seaweed-based bio-packaging using proprietary technology to replace single use plastic
Stay Tuned For….
A deep dive into animal health, the Asia’s two agricultural powerhouses (India and China), and tips on corporate governance, featuring :
  • A panel discussion on animal health in China
  • Pitches by three finalist startups striving to promote sustainability and productivity in animal farming and aquaculture.
  • A fireside chat on the art of building an start-up board of directors