Future Food Asia Award (FFAA) – Announcing the FFAA Grand Prize Winner and the four Startup SG award winners, for a total of S$ 340’000.

  • String Bio from India wins the US$ 100’000 Grand Prize.
  • Agrint (Israel), Hands Life Science (Hong Kong), Smart AHC (Singapore) and Sophie’s Kitchen (Taiwan) each wins a S$ 50’000 Startup SG Grant awarded by SPRING Singapore.

With a rising middle class, changing food consumption patterns, and land scarcity, the Asia Pacific region needs new home-grown solutions to improve food productivity sustainably.

Spearheaded by ID Capital, and supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board and leader Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), Future Food Asia is the region’s first-of-its-kind platform to bring together a community of investors, corporates, governments, academics and entrepreneurs. Its competition has generated an overwhelming response, with Agritech and Foodtech startups from 19 different countries from the wider Asia Pacific region applying.

To qualify, applicants needed to have done a proof-of-concept and come up with an innovative and sustainable technology that impacts the food ecosystem positively.

The selection of the eight finalists was done by a jury panel consisting of four experienced and diverse jury members. The panel included Gérard Jacquin, former Director of Partnerships, Transfer and Innovation at INRA, Europe’s leading agricultural research institute; Dr. Ralph Graichen, Director of Food and Nutrition at A*STAR’s Biomedical Research Council; Victoria de la Huerga, Vice President of ADM Ventures, Archer Daniels Midland Company; and Isabelle Decitre, Founder and CEO of ID Capital.

At the FFAA event on Friday 26th, which was co-organized with A*STAR, the Jury has awarded String Bio the US$ 100’000 Grand Prize for its contribution to addressing the major challenge of sustainable protein.

Dr. Ezhil Subbian, Founder and CEO of String Bio, said: “String is on a mission to deliver sustainable solutions to fundamental problems. This recognition at FFAA is a huge technical and business validation on String’s journey. It gives us incredible momentum as we move forward. Thanks to Isabelle Decitre, ID Capital, ADM, EDB and other event organizers for this recognition to the String team/technology.”

Dr. Kenneth Lee, Senior Director of Food, Nutrition & Consumer Care, A*STAR’s Biomedical Research Council, said: “Singapore is developing rapidly into a science and innovation hub for the food industry. In the span of just a few years, some of the leading food companies of the world have established major R&D centres in Singapore. Startups are an important part of the innovation ecosystem that we are building in Singapore, and we are therefore delighted to co-organise this 1st edition of FFAA with ID Capital.”

Lee Eng Keat, Executive Director for International Organisations Programme Office, Logistics and Natural Resources, Singapore Economic Development Board, said, “The wide range of solutions showcased highlights the breadth and rapid pace of innovation in the Agritech and Foodtech space. EDB is pleased that the Future Food Asia Award provides a platform for MNCs to sharpen their awareness of such innovations and encourage potential partnerships with innovative startups in Singapore.”

“ADM is proud to work with entrepreneurs, NGOs and others in the Asia Pacific region to encourage the development of new innovative technologies, and new ways of looking at agriculture and the creation and delivery of food. We’re excited to support the kind of people who are willing to innovate and meet the challenges of feeding the world in the 21st century”, said Ian Pinner, ADM President for Southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand, and Global Destination Marketing.

As part of the Startup SG initiative, SPRING Singapore supports promising technology startups. The Future Food Asia Award (FFAA) is one platform to identify startups with innovative and potentially disruptive solutions in the Foodtech and Agritech sectors. As a result of the FFAA competition, SPRING awarded four winning teams with a S$50,000 grant each.

Mr. Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive of SPRING Singapore, said, “To stay ahead, agribusinesses and food manufacturers must find new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Foodtech and Agritech are key emerging areas of interest to Singapore. SPRING supports startups in these sectors to add diversity to our ecosystem and bring innovative solutions to address future challenges.”

SPRING Singapore, in consultation with the FFAA judging panel, has selected Agrint, Hands Life Science, Smart Animal Husbandry Care (Smart AHC) and Sophie’s Kitchen as winners of its S$50,000 grants.

Tomer Touati, CRO of Agrint, said: “We are very thrilled and greatly appreciate this opportunity. For us, East-Asia and the Middle East are the main markets of oil and date palm trees. We will use this cooperation with SPRING in order to set our local presence in Singapore as an innovation gateway to the whole region.”

Marco So, Founder and CEO of Hands Life Science, said: “Our team feels blessed as the Singapore government and ID Capital give us this opportunity even when we are at an early R&D stage. The prize connects us with the Singapore Foodtech industry. One great thing about the modern world is globalisation, and as the Foodtech industry is so advanced in Singapore, we surely would benefit from potential international collaborations on R&D.”

Howard Tang, Co-Founder and CEO of Smart AHC, said: “We are truly excited and appreciate SPRING for awarding us the Startup SG prize. This award has proven again that Singapore can be a right place for Agritech startup like us. We will continue to strive hard and extend our technology to the agriculture sector around the region.”

Eugene Wang, Founder & CEO of Sophie’s Kitchen, said: “We are so excited to receive the award. The SPRING award is the first recognition from a public entity in our company history. We are looking for an English speaking country to relocate and expand our operations. This award made Singapore an interesting location for us to consider.”

Isabelle Decitre said: “We want to use this day to thank all our clients and sponsors who helped FFAA in becoming a reality. The diversity of Asia Pacific is well reflected in both the deal flow of applicants and the finalists. It has proved that world class innovation is very present in Asia Pacific in the

Agritech/Foodtech sectors. We will make sure that this innovation platform keeps growing over the coming years to the benefit of Asia and its inhabitants. We will glad to continuously bring new startups to our clients over the next 12 months and present these startups next year at the second edition of FFAA.”


String Bio [India]


String Bio applies a biological conversion process to convert methane gas to various value added products including single cell protein used for animal feed. String’s technology leverages advances in synthetic biology, fermentation technology, chemistry and process engineering to produce a reliable and cost-effective protein.


1. Agrint [Israel]


Agrint has built a solution aimed against any tree borers and especially the Red Palm Weevil – the most harmful and undetectable pest to Palm and Coconut trees worldwide. They were able to transform military grade technology and apply it to the world of precision agriculture. Agrint has developed a low-cost and low-energy unique sensor, which can be installed on any tree and transmit real-time early detection notifications as pests penetrate it. Allowing farmers to save the trees from any damage, increase the efficiency of pesticide management and eliminate the costly replacements of dead trees.

2. Hands Life Science [Hong Kong]


Hands Life Science is an innovative startup in the domain of DHA production. Their technology produces DHA in a novel chemical structure that is significantly more absorbable and oxidation-stable. Production utilizes a proprietary micro-organism.

3. Smart AHC [Singapore]


Smart AHC provides e-traceability capabilities for pig farmers. Their technology optimizes productivity yield of pigs through predictive analytics, and caters to a rapidly growing market – the market size of pork in China is more than twice that of its mobile phone market.

4. Sophie’s Kitchen [Taiwan]


Sophie’s Kitchen is a food tech startup using innovative ingredients and patent pending technology to make plant-based seafood alternatives. All their products are 100% gluten free, 100% Soy Free, ALL Non-GMO Project verified, and Kosher. The products are currently available in 2,000 stores in US and Canada, as well as in France and Hong Kong.

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