Future Food Asia Award returns to recognize the leading innovations disrupting the agri-food value chain

Stand a chance to win the USD 100K prize
Compete for SPRING Singapore’s StartupSG grant
Fast-track to the Future Food Asia Platform
Meet targeted investors and
strategic partners
Gain access to a sectoral integrated
innovation network



1. Main activities of the start-up fall within Future Food Asia’s 18 technology categories


2. Achieved proof-of-concept and/or earning initial revenues


3. Currently raising a Series A or later stage round of funding


4. Previously raised USD 100K minimum


5. Operations based in Asia-Pacific




Soil & Crop Technology

Companies developing agrochemical and biological inputs, seed and crop-related technologies.

Animal Health & Nutrition

Companies developing nutritional products and health solutions for agriculture livestock and aquatic organisms.


Companies farming aquacultural organisms and developing related edible products. Companies cultivating freshwater and saltwater populations under controlled conditions.


Waste & Water Technology

Companies developing technologies that either manage and use water for agriculture more efficiently, or help minimize and better manage waste in food and agriculture value chain, or transform agriculture and food waste into value-added products.


Biomaterials & Biochemicals

Companies generating chemicals and materials from renewable resources, i.e. biomass. This includes processes to convert or fraction this biomass. The products from such processes can be used as food, feed ingredients, pharmaceuticals, microbes or non-ag materials.

Decision Support Tech

Companies developing software to collect and analyse data, improving decision-making process in agriculture production.

Smart Equipment & Hardware

Companies leveraging sensors, connected devices or non-robotic machines and Internet of Things in the agriculture value chain.

Drones & Robotics

Companies building drones and robotics to specifically address agricultural production.

Indoor Agriculture

Companies developing farming operations and supporting technologies that enable indoor food production.

Agri Marketplace

Companies building e-commerce platform to connect farmers to various stakeholders across the agrifood supply chain, ensuring better matching of supply and demand


Companies delivering food to consumers from farms directly, in a way that streamlines the supply chain. This excludes B2C food e-commerce companies.


Companies offering and/or facilitating financial services dedicated to the agrifood value chain, ensuring better financing and better risk management.

Food Safety & Traceability

Companies tracking food or ingredient production, or bringing new ways to avoid and detect food-borne diseases, therefore reducing food safety concerns.

Novel Ingredients & Processing

Companies developing new ingredients or bringing ways to process food and ingredients, improving their nutritional value, flavour, functionality and bio-availability. Also includes packaging-related innovation addressing these objectives.

Sustainable Protein

Companies producing alternatives to the traditional animal proteins derived from livestock farming. This includes algae, yeast, insects and cultured proteins.

Food Fortification

Companies developing efficient, scale-able and economical processes and technologies to enrich staples by adding nutrients

Smart Manufacturing Technologies

Companies proposing ready-to-commercialize smart manufacturing solutions ensuring better automation, digitalization and integration of agrifood-related manufacturing processes.

Smart Packaging Solutions

Companies developing packaging solutions that store, sense, compute and wirelessly communicate information and intelligence to ensure better transparency of the agrifood value chain.


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